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AWRA 2018 Annual Water Resources Conference 
November 4-8, 2018
Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Posters will be on display Monday, from 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM and Tuesday from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
(Poster Presenters will be available during the Monday Opening Networking Reception, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM. 
The Presenter is in BOLD type immediately following the paper title. Co-authors are listed in parentheses.)

The AWRA Conferences App is now live! Use the App to view the abstracts for these sessions, create your conference schedule and connect with other attendees.

  1. The Determination of the Pharmaceutical NSAID Flunixin in Drinking and Surface Water Sources as a Result of Large Animal Waste Runoff in Rural Communities of South Florida - Lara Carter, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm BEAch, Fl (co-author: T. Thornton)
  2. Who Owns the Pond? Who Owns the Pollutant? Residential Stormwater Ponds in Southwest Florida – Tori Catalo, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL (co-author: L. D. Duke)
  3. Fecal Contamination in Private Well Water from Private Septic in the Flood Prone Residential Areas of Jupiter, Florida - Mai-Brie Conklin, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL (co-author: T. Thornton)
  4. Water Contingency Planning in Skaneateles, NY: Watershed Resilience, Planning, and Management - Joseph Copeland, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC, 
  5. The Role of Model Complexity in Assessing Water Supply System Resilience - Chris Counsell, HR Wallingford, WALLINGFORD, Oxfordshire, Great Britain (co-author: M. Durant, J. Simm)
  6. Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Support Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Water Resource Management - Chris Counsell, HR Wallingford, WALLINGFORD, Oxfordshire, Great Britain (co-authors: A. McBride, S. Malde, J.Simm)
  7. Solar Loading and Effective Shade Analysis using LiDAR Data and Components of the Heat Source Model - Negin Ghoseiri, Quantum Spatial, Portland, OR (co-author: A. Trambley)
  8. CO2 Emissions Risk:  What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate – Kathryn Hatcher, University of Georgia (Retired), Athens, GA
  9. Manure and Fertilizer Inputs to Land in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, 1950-2012 - Jeni Keisman, U.S. Geological Survey, Baltimore, MA (co-authors: O. Devereux, A. LaMotte, A. Sekellick, J. Blomquist)
  10. Prevalence of Hexavalent Chromium in the End Use of Public Drinking Water Systems in Palm Beach County, FL - Sophia Lloyd-George, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL (co-author: T.E. Thornton)
  11. The Impact of Ecological Restoration on Chironomidae Genera Abundance and Diversity in the Lower Delaware River Basin - Brendan Marencin, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA (co-authors: M.J. O' Donnell, S.A. Kroll)
  12. The Quantification of Toxins β‐N‐methylamino‐l‐alanine (BMAA) and Microcystis Beyond the Visible Periphery of Algal Super Plumes in the Indian River Lagoon - Quinn McKenna, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, Florida (co-author: T. Thornton)
  13. Water Use Estimates in Maryland for 2015 - Wendy McPherson, U.S. Geological Survey, Baltimore, MD
  14. Flood Mitigation with Decentralized Detention Ponds in Suburban Southwest Florida – Yiliannis Rodriguez, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL (co-author: L. D. Duke)
  15. Small Scale Water Footprint Analysis - Mary Schmidt, University of Maryland, Germantown, MD (co-author: M. Negahban-Azar)
  16. Youghiogheny River Temperature Release Protocol for Operating Deep Creek Hydro Station for Trout Habitat:  Twenty-three Years of Results - Steve Schreiner, Versar Inc., Columbia, MD (co-authors: B. Smith, A. Klotz)
  17. Sustainability Assessment in Urban Water Systems and the Approaches - Ghazal Shabestanipour, University of Maryland, College Park, MD (co-author: M. Negahban-Azar)
  18. Bioaccumulation of Methylmercury Levels in Southeastern Atlantic Scorpionades (Lionfish), as a Function of Fish Length and Mass - Blake Weger, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL (co-authors: T. E. Thornton, D. M. Tremain)
  19. Developing New Ground Water Quality Standards in New Jersey: A Response to Emerging Contaminants - Rachel White, NJDEP, Trenton, NJ (co-author: S. Cohen)
  20. Flooding in the Suburbs: Rapid Growth and Land Use Changes can Overwhelm Stormwater Drainage, Case Study for the Village of Estero, FL – Jared Wilkey, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL (co-authors:  P. Feliciano, K. Philpot, L.D. Duke)
  21. Storm Runoff Factors Influencing Suspended Sediment Loads in a Highly Developed Urban Watershed - June Wolfe, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Temple, TX (co-authors: J. Jeong, B. Schwartz, W. Nowlin, T. Hardy)
  22. Unconventional Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts on Surface Water Quality in Northeast Ohio - Ning Zhang, Central State University, Wilberforce, OH (co-authors: K. Nedunuri, R. Kandiah, X. Wei)